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Logische Funktionen. Version: 2021.2. Anwendungsbereich: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server. In diesem Artikel werden logische Funktionen und deren Verwendung in Tableau vorgestellt. Außerdem wird das Erstellen einer logischen Berechnung anhand eines Beispiels dargestellt The iif equivalent to if A then B else C end is iif (A, B, C, C) The third parameter is the value iif return is A is false. The fourth parameter is the value iif return if A cannot be evaluated (e.g. because of some null values) When using ATTR() in the conditional statement in an IIF() function, then the results are sometimes Null depending on the level of detail in the view. Umgebung Tableau Desktop Lösung Option 1: Use MIN() instead of ATTR() For example, the following calculation: IIF( ATTR( [Regions] ) = Central, SUM( [Sales] ), SUM( [Profit] )) Could become: IIF( MIN( [Regions] ) = Central, SUM( [Sales. Tableau ElseIf function sequentially executes the statement. It will check the first condition, If the condition is TRUE, it executes the statement after the THEN keyword. If it is FALSE, it checks the Next one (ElseIf condition) and so on. Code that we used for tableau else if below. IF(SUM([Profit]) > 6000000) THEN 'Profit' ELSEIF(SUM([Profit]) > 0) THEN 'Breakeven' ELSE 'Loss' END . Let me. The IIF function is used to return the true output if the expression is met, otherwise it returns false or null as the output. The first step is to create a calculated field and name it IIF example. Enter the logic in the calculated field as shown below. Next, drag Sub-Category into the Columns shelf and Sales into the Rows shelf

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  1. IIF: IIF(test, then, else, [unknown]) 条件を満たしているかどうかを確認し、TRUE の場合と FALSE の場合で異なる値を返します。不明な場合は任意の 3 番目の値もしくは NULL を返します。 例: IIF([Profit] > 0, 'Profit', 'Loss') ISDATE: ISDATE(string
  2. CASE 比 IIF 或 IF THEN ELSE 更易于使用。 通常,您使用一个 IF 函数来执行一系列任意测试,并使用 CASE 函数搜索与表达式的匹配值。但 CASE 函数都可以重写为 IF 函数,不过 CASE 函数一般更加简明。 很多时候可以使用组获得与复杂 case 函数相同的结果。 示例: CASE [Region] WHEN 'West' THEN 1 WHEN 'East' THEN 2 ELSE.
  3. Also the IIF function has an optional return argument for Unknown, and that can be handy in some cases. You can also check your log files and inspect he SQL Tableau is sending to the data source. Expand Post. Upvote Upvoted Remove Upvote Reply. Tableau Community (Tableau) 10 years ago. Hello, I would like to sum a list of account names if they meet a certain criteria. If possible, I would like.

The Tableau IIF function is the simple version of the If Else Function. If both the condition is True, then it will return First Statement otherwise, the second statement. The syntax of this Tableau IIF Function is: IIF (Expression, True_statement, False_Statement The syntax of this Tableau IIF Function is: IIF (Expression, True_statement, False_Statement) To demonstrate this logical function in Tableau, we have to use Calculated Fields. To create a calculated field, please navigate to Analysis Tab and choose the Create Calculated Field option

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So, when it comes to IF statements in Tableau, use the IIF statement when the calculation is simple or if you're not sure about the data quality of the field you're testing. Many times though, you're better off using the usual IF THEN statement; just make sure that your formula is correctly handling unknown results Let's watch Tableau Data Extract - How to do Data Extraction in Tableau. d. IIF Statment. IIF(test, then, else, [unknown]) The IIF statement is extremely just like the IF operate on top of. It primarily creates a shorthand operate for AN IF-THEN-ELSE statement with the additional advantage of being to outline a price with the ultimate argument if the check yields AN unknown result.

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  1. On 8/12/2020, Tableau released Tableau Desktop version 2020.3 that included some fun new features, including Write to Database in Tableau Prep, Export to Crosstab Button, and the IN function. There are lots of great new features in this release, but the IN function caught my eye specifically
  2. e whether a given condition is TRUE or FALSE, based on which certain tasks get performed if the condition is met, so as to facilitate correct and effective decision making is termed as Tableau IF statement
  3. In Tableau, functions are the main components of a calculation and can be used for a variety of different purposes. Functions are colored blue in Tableau calculations, with the exception of logical functions, which are colored black. Every function in Tableau requires a particular syntax
  4. IIF ist eine schnelle Möglichkeit zum Schreiben eines CASE-Ausdrucks. Hierdurch wird der als erstes Argument übergebenen booleschen Ausdruck ausgewertet und eines der beiden anderen Argumente auf Grundlage des Ergebnisses der Auswertung zurückgegeben
  5. CASE and Nested Case Functions in Tableau Summary: IIF statement is a simplified version of IF. It simply provides an answer when true, an answer when false, an answer when not false or true. This is equivalent to using an IF with ELSEIF and ELSE. Examples: If you wanted to return Rich for customers with greater than 1,000,000 in their savings account, CASE will not work because it.
  6. g to Tableau from Excel you are probably familiar with nested if statements. Nested IF statements occur when you have multiple criteria that need to be satisfied to return a certain output. Tableau's if statements are a little different than other tools. Welcome Blog Training What We Do Who We Are Portfolio.

To help Tableau rookies, we're starting from square one with the Tableau Essentials blog series. The series is intended to be an easy-to-read reference on the basics of using Tableau Software, particularly Tableau Desktop 8.1 and 8.2. Since there are so many cool features to cover in Tableau, the series will include several different posts. This is the tenth post in the series. Check out the. Use IIf in a query . The IIf function is frequently used to create calculated fields in queries. The syntax is the same, with the exception that in a query, you must preface the expression with a field alias and a colon (:) instead of an equal sign (=).To use the preceding example, you would type the following in the Field row of the query design grid

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  1. Mock data : http://j.mp/3aQqNcBLogical functions allow you to check whether certain conditions have been met than carry out specific calculations as a result..
  2. Tableau Desktop 2018.1.9, 2018.2.6, 2018.3.3 and earlier versions Lösung Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2018.1.10, 2018.2.7, 2018.3.4 or a newer version. Click here for downloads of current and previous versions of Tableau Desktop: Tableau Desktop Downloads and Release Notes
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  4. Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn how to use the SQL Server IIF() function to add if-else logic to queries.. Introduction to SQL Server IIF() function. The IIF() function accepts three arguments. It evaluates the first argument and returns the second argument if the first argument is true; otherwise, it returns the third argument
  5. The IIf function takes three arguments: iif (<condition>, <then branch>, <else branch>)
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Type the expression IIF([Category]=Furniture, Null,[Sales]), click on apply, and then ok. A new field named iif will appear at the measures. Drag and drop the iif measure on the text label under the marks card. The changes can then be seen in the table in the worksheet canvas IIF or IF statement in Tableau - Stack Overflow › Top Education From www.stackoverflow.com Education Details: Mar 06, 2018 · As mentioned in comments, in Tableau isn't possible to return two different data types in IF or IIF statements, so if you really need to pass a string like no values in range, you must return a string in true case.This can be done using the function STR as follows:

When using ATTR() in the conditional statement in an IIF() function, then the results are sometimes Null depending on the level of detail in the view. Environment Tableau Desktop Resolution Option 1: Use MIN() instead of ATTR() For example, the following calculation: IIF( ATTR( [Regions] ) = Central, SUM( [Sales] ), SUM( [Profit] )) Could become: IIF( MIN( [Regions] ) = Central, SUM. Tableau Iif-anweisung September 6 2020. Einführung in die Tableau IF-Anweisung . Tableau ist ein Datenvisualisierungstool. das hauptsächlich in der Business Intelligence-Branche eingesetzt wird. Die Rohdaten können leicht in einem verständlichen Format vereinfacht werden. Durch die Verwendung von Tableau können Analysedaten schneller und mit Hilfe von Dashboards und Arbeitsblättern. Both IF and IIF functions are logical functions. And like all other logical functions, they allow developers to test whether a certain condition is TRUE or FALSE (boolean logic). For example, testing whether Sales for different sales agents are below or above target. While these two functions offer the same solution, there exist a small difference in way of application Tableau IIF-Statement Tag. All; data; IT; News; Culture; Series; Search for: Data. CASE-Statements vs. IF-Statements in Tableau. 09.24.20 by Tobiah McConnell. Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen CASE- und IF-Statements in berechneten Feldern in Tableau? Wie variieren unterschiedliche Typen von IF-Statements? Wann ist es besser, eines dieser Statements zu bevorzugen? Darüber schreibe ich in.

IIF function or the sauce of Tableau: IIF functions are the inbetweeners of CASE and IF statements. In other words, an abridged version of the IF function. They are Boolean friendly and are generally used to validate if a condition is met. Apart from being quite intuitive, IIF functions are great label makers. They assist in drawing the eye to trends. To apply this to an example, a Boolean can. There are many needs for conditionally formatting numbers in Tableau. I Since we used a series of IIF statements to compute each result, only the appropriate fields appear for either a positive or negative change! How to conditionally format measures based on a parameter selection. As mentioned in this post's introduction, I've shared before how to dynamically change a measure's. I want to create a calculated measure in Tableau Net Amount which is the difference between the sum of Settled and Cancelled. How do I do that? I tried. SUM (IIF (Event_type_name = Settled,Amount,0))-SUM (IIF (Event_type_name = Cancelled,Amount,0)) but it returns a blank string. tableau-api Useful: Learn the difference between IF and IIF functions in Tableau. Use IFNULL() function. This function returns the current value <expr 1> if it is not null, otherwise it returns your preferred value <expr 2> This function can also be used to assign the value zero to null values as shown in the calculation below. Looking at the results of the above four functions are the same. The four.

IIF(test, then, else, [unknown]) Use the IIF function to perform logic tests and return appropriate values. The first argument, or test, must be a Boolean: either a Boolean field in the data source, or the result of a logical expression using operators (or a logical comparison of AND, OR, or NOT) Ich habe mich gefragt, was der Unterschied zwischen dem ist IF Aussage gegen die IIF() Funktion in Tableau. Und dann fand ich diese Seite, die den Syntaxunterschied erklärte. Unterschied zwischen iif und if. Aber jemand (über ein Seminar) hat mir das auch gesagt IIF() hat eine bessere Leistung. Ist das wahr? Rennen Sie einfach mit Ihren Pferden und finden Sie es heraus. Ich habe es mit einem. 2.2 In 2020/21, the IIF is divided into two domains: (i) prevention and tackling health inequalities and (ii) providing high quality care. Both contain areas and these in turn contain indicators. Six indicators are included in 2020/21. 2.3 The domains, areas and indicators for 2020/21 are set out in the summary table below There was a problem trying to update the data from Google Sheets. Request an update to see if it fixes the problem or save your workbook again If Then statement - Tableau with multiple conditions › Search www.stackoverflow.com Best Courses Courses. Posted: (5 days ago) Jun 04, 2019 · If Then statement - Tableau with multiple conditions.Ask Question Asked 2 years, 2 0 If, Then, ElseIf statement with two fields where one field has two values to be TRUE. The Lead Age and Lead Status where two statuses and both of them should be true

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  1. es if the calculated field is valid or not), Tableau Desktop also deter
  2. Tableau Desktop Resolution Step 1: Create a parameter. Click the drop down arrow located next to the Dimensions panel. Select Create IIF(CONTAINS([Manufacturer],[Does not contain]),FALSE,TRUE) Step 3: Use the Calculated field. Drag the calculated field to the filter shelf and tick: True to exclude the strings that does not contain the value you specified in your parameter. False to show.
  3. This video is an example of how to use an in/then calculation in Tableau. For this simple example, we use the Titanic dataset to create a field indicating wh..
  4. SQL IIF Function. The SQL IIF function is the new built-in Logical function introduced in SQL Server 2012. We can consider the SQL Server IIF as the shorthand way of writing IF Else, and CASE statements. SQL Server IIF function will accept three arguments. The first argument is the Boolean expression, which returns true or false
  5. 2 Tableauのビュー (表)で計算行を追加・挿入する方法(IIF関数). 2.1 <元データ>. 2.2 <Tableauでの見え方>. 3 「売上」と「売上原価」の勘定項目しかない表に「粗利」の項目を追加する. 3.1 作成手順(事前準備). 3.2 作成手順. 4 Tableauの表に「利益率 (%)」を.

The IIF() function is actually a shorthand way for writing a CASE expression. It therefore shares the same limitations as the CASE expression, which are different to the IF statement.. The IF Statement. Here's an IF statement.. IF 1 < 2 SELECT 'True'; Result: True. In this case, the expression to evaluate is 1 < 2.It is true that 1 is less than 2 so the SELECT statement was run and True was. aggregate functions aggregation Azure Data Studio collation computed columns conversion functions convert create database create query create table database terms data types date format date functions dates errors functions how to indexes install json linked servers mathematical functions methods ms access mssql numeric functions operators partitioning reference regex relationships send email. Utiliser IIf sur un formulaire ou un état Supposons que vous avez une table Clients qui contient un champ nommé CountryRegion. Dans un formulaire, indiquez si l'italien est la première langue du contact. Vous pouvez ajouter un contrôle et utiliser IIf dans sa propriété Source contrôle, comme c'est le cas Tableau does not use any external libraries for visualization, rather most of the software to turn data into the pixels on the screen was developed internally. You may ask, What is IIF function in Tableau? IIF(test, then, else, [unknown]) Use the IIF function to perform logic tests and return appropriate values. The first argument, or test.

Table of contents. Logical Functions - IIF (Transact-SQL) 03/14/2017; 2 minutes to read; c; n; M; k; r +6 In this article . Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions) Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance. Returns one of two values, depending on whether the Boolean expression evaluates to true or false in SQL Server. Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions. Syntax IIF( boolean_expression. Drill up and down — when using date fields to build a time series chart, Tableau includes the ability to drill date parts up and down. But not all users know to hover over the date axis to view the -/+ or you want to limit the users ability too drill to far up or down. Date Compare — the Relative Date Range filter can be used to select YTD, MTD, and Today but does not allow Year over Year. Die IIf-Funktion nimmt drei Argumente an: IIf ( <condition> , <then branch> , <else branch> ). Eine Bedingung, die zu true (1) oder false (0) ausgewertet wird. Es muss sich um einen gültigen logischen Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)-Ausdruck handeln. Wird verwendet, wenn der logische Ausdruck true ergibt In this video, I'm going to show you how to use the IIF function, which stands for Immediate IF, to display one value if a condition evaluates to TRUE and a.

Tableau Null functions: IFNULL, ISNULL and ZN - TAR Solutions. Education Details: Mar 14, 2021 · IS NOT NULL in Tableau IFNULL in Tableau.The Tableau IFNULL function changes a Null value to something else. It's a shorter way of writing an IF ISNULL() THEN END statement.This function works to convert Null dates, text and numbers to something else Table of contents. Language. Interaction. IIf(Boolean, Object, Object) Method Definition. Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic Assembly: Microsoft.VisualBasic.Core.dll Assembly: Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll. Important Some information relates to prerelease product that may be substantially modified before it's released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the. Nancy from Clarksville TN asks: I'm having trouble using the DateAdd function with the IIF function. I've got a field named [Exposure Type] which could be P.. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Transform Data into Actionable Insights with Tableau. Get Your Free Trial Now! Answer Questions as Fast as You Can Think of Them! Try Today For Free In the Tableau Fundamentals Course by the Corporate Finance Institute, students will learn how to create visuals in Tableau. Enroll and advance your career! Skip to main content Istanbul Institute of Finance Toggle menu Menu All Courses; Sign In Tableau Fundamentals. Interested in this course? Email us at info+iif@corporatefinanceinstitute.com Course curriculum. 1 Getting Started. Introduction. IIF and Complex Data Types. You can use IIF to return an array or a struct, or elements from the array or struct. For example, you have the following array: names = ['John', 'Kevin', 'Laura'] You can use the following expression to return one of the values in the array: IIF ( SIZE (names) > 2, names [2], names [0]

Example 5: SQL IIF statement with a table column. In the previous examples, we either specify values directly in the IIF statement or specified variables for it. Usually, we want to use it with the existing data in a SQL table. We can use the IIF statement with a table column as well Creating an *.iif File from Excel Accountant Forums. Excel Details: IIF files can be either comma separted (csv) or tab delimited files.The IIF denotes a specific layout required by QuickBooks. Use the Access Write statement to create a csv file with IIF fomatted data in it. You can give the file an iif extension. iif to excel › Verified 9 days ago › Url: https://www.accountantforums.com.

Switch or IIF expression for calculated field. 07-19-2021 06:18 AM. I have two fields that i want to use to calculate a third field: Planned due date and Actual Completion Date. I want to achieve the following: If Planned Due Date is empty and Actual Completion Date is < Today, then the third column should show Overdue 9. iif looks up and compares the interface index of the received packet, while iifname does string comparison with the interface name. Both have advantages and drawbacks. So iif is using less ressources, because the interface index is a simple number already stored in the packet traversing the network stack and nftables and thus immediately. =IIF(Cstr(Choose(16,Split(Cstr(ReportItems!PageHeaderCaptions.Value),Chr(177)))) = This part I need help on We have multiple currency like CAD, EUR, etc.. the above This part I need help on I want to put IIF =Cstr(Choose(16,Split(Cstr(ReportItems!PageHeaderCaptions.Value),Chr(177)))) = BLANK to always return USD that's it.. and i've been having a complete brain fart on how to write that part. I have a table with the following fields and data: Offense, Year, Month, Count, Amount F 2007 January 11 $49,238.00 F 2007 February 12 $24,000.00 F 2007 March 31 $55,184.00 F 2007 April 19 $64,647.00 F 2007 May 33 $100,010.00 F 2007 June 16 $59,678.00 F 2007 July 22 $39,700.00 F 2007 August 3 $ · hi jer, I have tested again based on your. T-SQL - Report Builder Evaluating Nothing or Null from two data sources IIF, nested IIF, and LOOKUP 3 Oracle select count(*) into n generates ORA-01401 inserted value too large for colum

Tableau之玫瑰图 . 准备阶段练习: IIF([Index]=1 OR [Index]=WINDOW_MAX([Index]), 0, WINDOW_MAX([Radius]) * SIN ([Angle]+([Index]-2)*WINDOW_MAX(2 * PI()) / ([Numberof Slices]*99) )) 3.如图拖拽字段 . 其中, X表计算. Y表计算. 推荐阅读 更多精彩内容. Spring Cloud. Spring Cloud为开发人员提供了快速构建分布式系统中一些常见模式的工具. Transfer table from one schema to another Schema in SQL (1) Transfer table from one schema to another within the same database (1) Traversing in all Tables of Database in SQL (1) tricks and shortcuts (1) Trigger example in sql (2) Trigger on delete with Example in SQL (1) Trigger on Insert with Example in SQL (1) triggers with example in sql (2 Counting field values in a Database Report using the Count and IIF expressions: If you store values in your database to indicate choices for your uses to make, such as storing values like Yes/No, True/False, Male/Female, Adult/Child, there may be times when you would like to make calculations on this data. You can do this using the Count and IIF expressions Tableau identifies and verifies the date values or date records. 2. If the data field does not have proper data typing, we can manually change the data type of a date containing fields. Similar changes are also done to the fields containing a lot of null values. 3. In the above step, what we did was to convert or date values to a string type so that we can later use them to translate into date. Tableau provides different logical functions that can help in decision making. Let us have a look at the IF statement and its variants. Tableau IF Statement: Logical calculations help you in determining if certain given conditions are true or false. In order to do this decision making it is important to have a function to this. In Tableau, there are different functions that are provided. The.

Tableau If Function - Tutorial Gateway. Education Details: Apr 08, 2018 · Tableau If Else Syntax. The syntax of the If Else in Tableau is as follows: IF <Expression> THEN <True_statement> ELSE <False_statement> END.In this Tableau if else calculation, we are going to check whether the Profit is greater than 0 or not.If the condition is TRUE then, Performing Good will be returned IIF Headquarters 1333 H St NW, Suite 800E Washington, DC 20005-4770 Tel: +1 202 857-3600 Fax: +1 202 775-1430 Email: info@iif.com. IIF Middle East and Africa Regional Office DIFC, The Gate Building, Level 15 P.O. Box 121208 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4401 9651. IIF Asia Pacific Regional Office - Beijing Winland International Finance Centre Suite F920, 9F No.7 Jinrong Avenue Xicheng. Tableaux; Tests et conditions; IIf; IsArray; IsDate; IsEmpty; IsMissing; IsNumeric; Switch; VarType; Texte; Applications pro . Logiciel de gestion des stocks; Logiciel de gestion de projets; Comptabilité; Gestion des plannings de travail; Gestion des BOM (nomenclature) Gestion des adresses; Partager. Fonction VBA : IIf. La fonction VBA IIf renvoie l'une des 2 valeurs passées en argument en. Return MORE if the condition is TRUE, or LESS if the condition is FALSE: SELECT OrderID, Quantity, IIF (Quantity>10, 'MORE', 'LESS') FROM OrderDetails; Try it Yourself ». SQL Server Functions

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In practice, you use the IIF() function to add the if-else logic to queries to form more flexible queries. SQLite IIF() function examples. Let's take some example of SQLite IIF() function. 1) Simple SQLite IIF() function example . The following query illustrates how to use the IIF() function in a simple SELECT statement: SELECT IIF (1 < 2, 'Yes', 'No') result; Code language: SQL (Structured. MS Access: iif Function This MSAccess tutorial explains how to use the Access iif function with syntax and examples.. Description. The Microsoft Access iif function returns one value if a specified condition evaluates to TRUE, or another value if it evaluates to FALSE IIF () Function in SQL Server. Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2020. The SQL Server IIF () function has three parameters. IIF () function judges or evaluates the first parameter and returns the second parameters if the first parameters is true; otherwise, it returns the third parameters. IIF () function used in SQL Server to add if-else logic to queries.> Platform Commerce Cloud Experience Cloud Marketing Cloud Service Cloud Sales Cloud MuleSoft Tableau Tableau CRM Quip. Apex Lightning Web Components Salesforce Flow Developer Experience APIs and Integration Heroku Mobile SDK LWC for Mobile Embedded Service SDK DevOps Security Identity Einstein Lightning Design System. Build. Documentation APIs Code Samples and SDKs Lightning Component Library.

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Example 5 - Using an IIF function in a table query. The IIF function, like other functions, can be used in a regular SQL query to a table or any other table expression. In other words, you can pass column names to the IIF function as parameters. In this example, based on the product category, we increase its price Hello ChrisK_DBA, in common the OR logic works, also in IIF function. Example with AdventureWorks - Address. = IIF ( (Fields!AddressID.Value. MOD 2) = 0 OR Today () > Today (), LightCyan, LightYellow) The second expression always returns FALSE, the first returns TRUE for every even AddressID; so I get an alternating background color

This week, we go back to our MS Access playlist in order to find out how to use If Then Else and Select Case statements in our queries and code. Also, w.. IIF Transaction Creator Pro Big Red Consulting. 1 hours ago Bigredconsulting.com More results . Convert worksheet data into IIF files for import into QuickBooks.It integrates with and is used from within Excel. The Pro version includes all the features of the IIF Transaction Creator with the addition of several special Pro-only features including the Profile Manager, mapping features, and. Tableau Case Function - Tableau Training › Search www.rigordatasolutions.com Best Courses Courses. Posted: (5 days ago) Oct 16, 2019 · Tableau CASE function applies the syntax (CASE-WHEN) in the following order to perform logical tests.The CASE function evaluates <expression> , compares it to a sequence of values, <Value 1>, <Value 2>, <Value 3>, <Value 4>, etc, and returns a result

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話題; tableau; iif; TableauのIIFまたはIFステートメント 2020-07-29 20:31. 私は書いているIIFステートメント にタブロー 条件が成立するかどうかを確認します。条件に失敗した場合、 No values を表示したい行を除外するのではなく。 以下は、私が使用しているIIFステートメントです Return true or false values using IIF - Tableau Tutorial From the course: Tableau 10: Mastering Calculations Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course ($34.99 *) Overview Transcripts Exercise. taiwan-tefl.com. แค่เว็บเวิร์ดเพรสเว็บหนึ่ง. tableau count null value What marketing strategies does Tableautips use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Tableautips

Returns the truePart value, if the expression is true. Otherwise, returns the falsePart value. Example: IIf(2 > 5, true, false) = fals -- temp table MySQL CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE Continent( Id INT PRIMARY KEY, Continent varchar(50) ); DROP TEMPORARY TABLE IF EXISTS Continent; Alternative methods for dropping a table with an exists check. You can use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA of the database to perform the same functionality. This method is supported by most of the majore databases including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostGres.

Tableau-圆径向图 - 天善智能:专注于商业智能BI和数据分析、大数据领域的垂直社区平台Tableau: Drill Down con Set Action - The Information Lab Italia