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irc-fun-messages-.1..0: Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol. Safe Haskell: Safe-Inferred: Language: Haskell2010: Network.IRC.Fun.Messages.Types. Contents. Message Parts; Mask; Message; Modes; Reply; Description. This module provides datatypes for modeling parts of IRC messages. Synopsis . data Prefix = Server ServerName | Nick NickName (Maybe UserName) (Maybe Host) data. An IRC message separated into three parts: the prefix, the command,and the parameters. Link to this section Functions Link to this function decode(raw) View Sourc


API documentation for the Rust `Message` enum in crate `twitchchat` Yet Another Python IRC Bot. Contribute to ldev/yapib development by creating an account on GitHub API documentation for the Rust `types` mod in crate `twitchchat` irc-fun-messages: Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol. [ data, irc, library, network, public-domain] [ Propose Tags ] Another IRC library. It doesn't provide a client API though. It just provides functions for parsing and serializing IRC commands and replies. The package is based on RFC 2812, with modifications and extensions to work with Freenode. NOTE: The handling of IRC.

It allows basic IRC concepts like channel, nickname, message and so on to be used by IRC parsers and IRC clients and IRC servers without unnecessary duplication of type definitions. Note that the library possibly doesn't yet fully handle all the types related to the various IRC messages types, for example user and channel modes Most IRC clients require commands to be preceded by a slash (/). Some commands are actually sent to IRC bots ; these are treated by the IRC protocol as ordinary messages, not as / -commands. Conventions used here: Angle brackets (< and >) are used here to indicate a placeholder for some value, and are not a literal part of a command Send a message to all users who have user mode +w (wallops). IRCOp's are the only ones who can send a WALLOPS message, but regular users can still view them if they are +w. IRCOp-only WATCH. watch This command is used by your IRC client to monitor users on your favorite list or notify list, it should not be executed manually. The IRC server informs the IRC client whenever a user on this list goes online, offline and in some other cases as well such as going AWAY

Twitch IRC: Tags Overview. As stated in the IRCv3 Message Tag specification, Message tags are a mechanism for adding additional metadata on a per-message basis. This is achieved via an extension to the protocol message format, enabled via capability negotiation. Tags are simple keys that MAY have optional string data as values.Tagged messages can be sent by both servers and clients. The. IRC servers normally [clarification needed] transfer messages from a client to another client just as byte sequences, without any interpretation or recoding of characters. The IRC protocol (unlike e.g. MIME or HTTP) lacks mechanisms for announcing and negotiating character encoding options. This has put the responsibility for choosing the appropriate character codec on the client. In practice, IRC channels have largely used the same character encodings that were also used by.

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  1. Now that the bot is running and connected to the Twitch IRC network, we can interact with it. On twitch.tv/<CHANNEL_NAME>, type !dice. You'll see a number from 1 to 6. Run the Chatbot Locally. If you prefer to build and run our bot example locally, follow these steps: Download and install node.js if needed
  2. Bukkit plugin for IRC integration. Contribute to cnaude/PurpleIRC-spigot development by creating an account on GitHub
  3. Contents; Index; irc-fun-messages-.4: Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol
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Source; Contents; Index; irc-fun-types-.2: Common types for IRC related package type User struct { ID string Name string DisplayName string Color string Badges map [string] int} type WhisperMessage struct { User User Raw string Type MessageType RawType string Tags map [string] string Message string Target string MessageID string ThreadID string Emotes [] * Emote Action bool} type PrivateMessage struct { User User Raw string Type MessageType RawType string Tags map [string] string Message string Channel string RoomID string ID string Time time Types for IRC clients. See also Network.IRC.Conduit and Network.IRC.CTCP irc-send-message: irc-send-notice: irc-get-connection: irc-set-nick: irc-set-user-info: irc-quit: irc-send-command: 4 CTCP: ctcp-action: 5 Further Information: 8.2 top ← prev up next → IRC Client Library (require irc) package: irc: The irc library allows you to develop IRC clients and communicate over IRC. 1 Quick Start. To use the IRC client library, first create a connection with irc.

API documentation for the Rust `irc` mod in crate `twitchchat` Contribute to Belgar81/IRCProto development by creating an account on GitHub Source code for csbot.irc. import asyncio import logging import signal import re from collections import namedtuple import codecs import base64 import types from typing import (Any, Awaitable, Callable, Iterable, asyncio import logging import signal import re from collections import namedtuple import codecs import base64 import types from typing import (Any, Awaitable, Callable, Iterable Type /ping nickname. What this command does is give you the ping time, or lag time, between you and the person you pinged. Lag can be explained as the amount of time it takes for you to type your message and for others to read your messages. Unfortunately, lag is always a part of IRC, although most times it's not a problem, just a nuisance

IRC messages are always lines of characters terminated with a CR-LF pair, and these messages SHALL NOT exceed 512 characters in length, counting all characters including the trailing CR-LF. Thus, there are 510 characters maximum allowed for the command and its parameters. There is no provision for continuation of message lines. Message syntax: message = [ : prefix SPACE ] command [ params. Most IRC clients have a command called /me that generates this type of message. Clients generally display these messages in a different style from normal messages. For example, the irc command /me waves might result in the discussion window showing the text * AnnB waves. The RRSAgent logging tool should be present on the channel as well; the function of RRSAgent is to save the irc chat log. The IRC is channel of communication for the assessment of learning in the System of Interactive Learning. Introduction to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) The means of communication through the network is responsible for mass delivery of vast amounts of information, which in some cases fail to be processed by humans, the skills of selection and systematization of information together with. Start chatzilla, and you will be faced with alot of messages. Ignore them for now and type the following into the text-box at the bottom: Remember to type an irc address as shown above. Generally, http means internet, irc means irc, of course, and file means a location on your computer. You may start to see how the internet and your computer work much in the same way. Now, say.

Internet Relay Chat Worm: The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) worm is a program that spreads via message forums or chat rooms by sending infected files or websites using IRC channels. The IRC network is connected to thousands of channels, making it susceptible to a worm attack. Before this worm can spread, it needs to establish a connection to the. /ADMIN irc.example.com /AWAY [<message>] If <message> is specified marks yourself as being away with the specified message. Otherwise, marks yourself as being no longer away. Example Usage. Marks yourself away with the message Washing my hair: /AWAY :Washing my hair Marks yourself as no longer being away: /AWAY /COMMANDS. Lists all commands that exist on the local server. /DIE <server> Shuts.

Event log messages have been added. C Updated Event log messages. D Updated Event log messages. E Updated Event log messages. F Minor corrections. Updated Event log messages. G Minor corrections. Updated Event log messages. H New information in section Serial Measurement Unit regarding the battery pack. More detailed information about trouble shooting power supplies DSQC 604, 661 and 662. Brings support for Qt5, IRC message capabilities and a refactored message encoding detection system. 1.1.2 2012‑09‑05 Brings some fixes to docs and examples. 1.1.1 2012‑08‑13 Mainly contains important build system bug fixes and improvements. 1.1. IRC:8-1980: Type Designs for Highway Kilometre Stones (Second Revision) 7. IRC:9-1972: Traffic Census on Non-Urban Roads (First Revision) 8. IRC:10-1961: Recommended Practice for Borrowpits for Road Embankments Constructed by Manual Operation (Amalgamated with IRC:36-2010) 9. IRC:11-2015: Recommended Practice for the Design and Layout of Cycle Tracks (First Revision) 10. IRC:12-2016: Unified.

Type in your message that you want repeated 3. Press your selected Start/Stop hotkey to allow the program to begin repeating your message 4. When you want the program to stop, press your seleced Start/Stop hotkey again. Features. Auto typing messages; Stores messages up to 60 characters; Able to setup timing between each message ; Fully hotkey compatible; Video How-To Guide Too lazy to watch. IRC offices in the DRC, South Sudan, Burundi and Jordan design job descriptions to match the specific skills and competencies required for the job, rather than prioritize education levels or management experience - removing requirements that bias male recruitment. The female staff in the IRC Burundi office established a Women at Work group in 2012, providing space for female national staff. IRC Networks - in alphabetical order. IRC networks usually consist of several IRC servers that are interconnected, but a single IRC server can also be used to provide a base for chat rooms that are also known as IRC channels on IRC. Below you will find a list of all registered IRC networks in alphabetical order. The largest of them that take part in our comparison of IRC networks are contained. IRC - Internet Relay Chat is a method to broadcast and receive live, synchronous, messages. There are hundreds of IRC channels (discussion areas) around the world, hosted on servers, on which people type their messages to others on the same channel interested in the same subject. There are client IRC programs which provide graphical interfaces which make it easier for people log on and access. Once you have both handy, connect to your IRC server. 2. Once connected to your IRC server and you are in a channel, type in the command below into chat. Make sure that you replace op with your group name and replace password with the password you set earlier in this tutorial when you ran the /usr/bin/mkpasswd command

An IRC-worm is a type of worm that uses Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks to spread copies of itself to new host machines.. An IRC-worm typically spreads by first dropping a script to the directory of the IRC client on the infected machine. Subsequently, whenever the infected client connects to an IRC server and joins any channel, the script automatically causes the IRC client to send a copy. IRC bot is a type of network client that could be a script or a program that can relay messages using the IRC protocol. When any active user receives a text from the IRC bot, it appears to him as another real user. What can a Bot do? The bots mimic a real user and communicate with other active clients. However, they can perform a variety of tasks: Archive chat messages; Can parse Twitter feeds.

Often in IRC people look for others by using tab complete so if someone's name is John they might type a 'j' and then tab several times to see who's in the channel whose name starts with a 'j'. Using just your first name can also be a good option, if it's unique. But: Beware that IRC seems case-sensitive but actually isn't: e.g. /whois mossop (all lowercase) will return info on Mossop (with. To chat, click or tap the text bar at the bottom, type your message, and press Enter when you want to send. Simple! A Short List of IRC Commands. When you use a modern graphical IRC client, you don't always need to master IRC's somewhat arcane list of typed commands, but they can still come in handy. Below are a few of the essentials

/away <away message> Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC. /away Sets you being back. /ban [#channel] <nickname>[type] Bans the specified nick from the curent or given channel The Message class¶ class storage.base.Message¶. When you loop over the list of messages in a template, what you get are instances of the Message class. They have only a few attributes: message: The actual text of the message.; level: An integer describing the type of the message (see the message levels section above).; tags: A string combining all the message's tags (extra_tags and level. /quit QuitMessage - Leaves a message when you quit IRC channel. For more information, see . Meeting Protocol. This only applies to certain IRC meetings. Others are usually more casual. Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt; If you have a question, type ? If you need to speak, type ! If you're done speaking, type eof If you agree, type +1 Go to Meeting channel to learn.

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See Conditions for details on specifying conditions.. You can find more information on the build config format for email notifications in our Travis CI Build Config Reference.. Changing notification frequency #. You can change the conditions for any notification channels by setting the on_success or on_failure flag to one of: always: always send a notification 5. IRC Worms. The application Internet Relay Chat was a messaging application that was a trend once. IRC worms worked in the way email and Instant Message worms and destroyed the systems in the contact list of IRC application. Once you feel that your system has a worm, it is very important to run a security scan and identify the same. Only the. IRC - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a text-based communication protocol. Software clients are used to communicate with servers and send messages to other clients. This protocol works well on networks with a large number of distributed machines. Network Management Protocols Network management protocols help define the policies and procedures used to monitor, manage and maintain your computer.

Org supports links to files, websites, Usenet and email messages, BBDB database entries and links to both IRC conversations and their logs. External links are URL-like locators. They start with a short identifying string followed by a colon. There can be no space after the colon. Here is the full set of built-in link types: ' file '. File. Previous Next JavaScript must be enabled to correctly display this content . Sample Publication for OHC; Contents. Title and Copyright Information; Prefac FlightGear IRC channel. The FlightGear IRC Network is an online system that will allow you to talk to a lot of people around the world and is related to everything about FlightGear. It's mostly used by developers, but it is also a good place to ask for help if you are having a question <+Reverend> IRC is just multiplayer notepad. This is where you type your messages, as well as commands like /register and /identify. 9.) Chat window. The screenshot above shows what a channel will normally look like on joining, showing the topic, then a list of users. 10.) Channel Bar. This will show the current channel as well as the topic. Channels. We make use of three primary channels. Regex to block mIRC exploit . Regular expressions (regex) are much more powerful than the simple method. Several years ago mIRC had a bug: you could crash any mIRC v6.12 by sending a DCC SEND message with a filename of 225 (or more) characters. With the simple method from above you can't block this, with regex you can. For regex this is even an.

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irc_ban_type: The default ban type to use for all bans. (requres irc_who_join) 0=*!*@*.host; 1=*!*@domain; 2=*!*user@*.host ; 3=*!*user@domain; irc_conf_mode: Toggle hiding of join, part and quit messages. 0=Show join/part/quits; 1=Hide join/part/quits; irc_extra_hilight: Extra words to highlight on. irc_hide_version: Toggle hiding of VERSION reply. irc_id_ntext: $4 in the channel message. This specification defines an XMPP protocol extension for multi-user text chat, whereby multiple XMPP users can exchange messages in the context of a room or channel, similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In addition to standard chatroom features such as room topics and invitations, the protocol defines a strong room control model, including the ability to kick and ban users, to name room. The prefix for iRecruitment messages is IRC. The ex-employee registration function uses the workflow item type IRC_REG. When an ex-employee provides details for registration, iRecruitment matches the information with the existing records and if it finds the appropriate record, initiates the Registration Request (REG_REQUEST) process within the IRC_REG item type. This process sends an e. IRC ¶ The Tower IRC notification takes the form of an IRC bot that will connect, deliver its messages to channel(s) or individual user(s), and then disconnect. The Tower notification bot also supports SSL authentication. The Tower bot does not currently support Nickserv identification. If a channel or user does not exist or is not on-line then the Notification will not fail; the failure. This type of bridge is a combination single or double puppet bridge which tries to solve the problem of representing other users by means of the bridgebot technique. mautrix/telegram works in this way. Server-to-server bridging. Some remote protocols (IRC, XMPP, SIP, SMTP, NNTP, GnuSocial etc) support federation - either open or closed. The.

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If you then type /connect irc.bar.com, Open a private message using: /q <nick> /q is short for /query. Both commands work, as /q is just an alias for /query. Irssi has many default aliases that aid in controlling your IRC client more quickly and easily. You can see them using /alias and looking at your status window. Remember that Alt-1 switches to your status window. Once you've. Type /msg wmopbot cloak (without any preceding spaces) into any IRC window. You will then be sent a private message with instructions on how to get your cloak. The cloak will not be applied instantly; please be patient informs the server what type of mode change to perform (in this case 'b' for ban) and a + to add that mode. The third line tells of which server the user is logged onto IRC. The fourth line is an away message to inform users if that person is currently away from the keyboard, or not following IRC and what reason has been given for their absence. The fifth line informs us that the user is. Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Server or other type of Message Center and a SMS application system, such as a WAP Proxy Server, EMail Gateway or other Messaging Gateway. Note: For sake of brevity, the term SMSC will be used throughout this document to describe any SMPP 'server' entity to which an SMPP 'client', termed an External Short Message Entity (ESME), can be co For example, in order to debug in_tail and to suppress all but fatal log messages for in_http, their respective @log_level options should be set as follows: <source> @type tail . @log_level debug. path /var/log/data.log # </source> <source> @type http. @log_level fatal </source> If you do not specify the @log_level parameter, the plugin will use the global log level. Log Format. Following.

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Dictionaries, HashMaps and Associative Arrays. A dictionary (also known as a map, hashmap or associative array) is a set of key/value pairs. OpenAPI lets you define dictionaries where the keys are strings. To define a dictionary, use type: object and use the additionalProperties keyword to specify the type of values in key/value pairs Type the complete path of the directory and press y or enter. Now run: make make install. Wait for installation process to finish, then remove the inspircd-2 directory: cd ~/ rm -rf inspircd-2.0.21/ Step 4 - Configure InspIRCd. If all installation is done, go to the inspircd directory. cd inspircd/ Create a new cert directory for the certificate files and create new certificates with the. Just type s/Teh/The in the chat to automatically edit your last message. It only changes a single instance (the first one), but is quite useful to quickly correct some typos! ¶ Get the ID of a mentionable item. Anything that can be mentioned in chat (Emotes, User, Roles, Channels, etc.) can be used to get the ID of that specific item. For example will \@User show the ID of the mentioned User.

Describing Request Body. Request bodies are typically used with create and update operations (POST, PUT, PATCH). For example, when creating a resource using POST or PUT, the request body usually contains the representation of the resource to be created. OpenAPI 3.0 provides the requestBody keyword to describe request bodies Your notice or letter will explain the reason for the contact and give you instructions on how to handle the issue. If you agree with the information, there is no need to contact us. If, when you search for your notice or letter using the Search on this page, it doesn't return a result, or you.

When a message is handled by the plugin, the rules are tested one by one in order. If a matching rule is found, the message tag will be rewritten according to the definition in the rule and the message will be emitted again with the new tag. Example. Basic Example. This in an example of how to use this plugin to rewrite tags. In the example, records tagged with app.component will have their. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which was passed as part of the HIRE Act, generally requires that foreign financial Institutions and certain other non-financial foreign entities report on the foreign assets held by their U.S. account holders or be subject to withholding on withholdable payments Every shopitem has a specific reward that players will get when they purchase it. There are many different kinds of reward types to choose from. Additionally more rewards can be added via Addons. Calculation support: Every numerical reward type supports simple calculations with raw numbers (excluding placeholders). Example At Income Realty Corporation we uphold an ongoing commitment to providing an elevated level of personal service. Our clients come first, and as a result, they are able to achieve more than they ever dreamed with their real estate investment. Because we expect more from our associates, you can expect more from us when it comes to the important sale or purchase of your property

With Talk 10, part of Nextcloud 20, we introduce a major new feature in Talk: bridging with other services. This allows users to connect a Talk conversion to one or more external services, like IRC, Slack, MS Teams or more. The administrator has to have enabled this feature and users can then simply configure it from the right-hand sidebar in Talk The IRC server, in turn, is responsible for making sure that all messages are broadcast to everyone participating in a discussion. There can be many discussions going on at once and each one is assigned a unique channel. Once you have joined an IRC chat room (chatroom discussions are designated by topics), you can type your messages in the public chatroom where all participants will see it, or. The server will send you a message when any nickname in your watch list logs on or off. The watch list DOES NOT REMAIN BETWEEN SESSIONS - you (or your script or client) must add the nicknames to your watch list every time you connect to an IRC server. HELPOP Syntax: /HELPOP ?topic or !topic HelpOp is a new system of getting IRC Server help. You type either /HELPOP ? <help system topic> or. IRC Reference. Not intended as a guide for newbies, more like a cheat sheet for the somewhat experienced IRC user, especially one who wields some power over a channel. The Basics /join #channel. Joins the specified channel. /part #channel. Leaves the specified channel. /quit [message] Disconnects from current server with optional leaving message Syntax: /DIE password Terminates the IRCD Process. Password is required if drpass { } is present. LAG. Syntax: /LAG server This command is like a Sonar or Traceroute for IRC server. You type in /LAG irc.fyremoon.net and it will reply from every server it passes with time and so on

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Connecting to IRC with other clients. Our server address is chat.scoutlink.net and you can connect securely (SSL encryption) using port +6697. Plain text connection is available on port 6667. This guide will show you how to connect to our IRC network using various clients. Once connected, you can type /list to see what channels you can join. mIRC. There are two ways of doing this: You can use. Messages to the IRC server are done by calling methods on an IRC connection object. Messages from an IRC server triggers events, which can be caught by event handlers. Multiple options for reading from and writing to an IRC server: you can use sockets in an internal select() loop OR use Python3's asyncio event loop; Functions can be registered to execute at specified times by the event-loop. A recent update to Twitch's IRC implementation requires using the IRCv3 membership capability in order to subscribe to channel updates. If you don't configure your client to use this capability, you will not see channel members or incoming messages. In order to use the membership capability, your client needs to send thi The message type — request or response. If not present, the type can be determined from the first line of the body. Encoding considerations: HTTP messages enclosed by this type are in binary format; use of an appropriate Content-Transfer-Encoding is required when transmitted via email. Security considerations: see Section The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Find out how you can help the IRC offer lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster

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ABB Robotics Technical reference manual RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data types Once downloaded you click on the chat now button and you get the home screen, you then need to click on server (because the irc.gnome.org server is not on the list) and enter, irc.gnome.org, then choose a nickname to use (this can probably be anything), then enter, #gnucash, in the channel box and then click connect and wait. You should then be connected and can type your question / comment in. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat protocol initially developed as a means of communication back in the days of BBS (Bulletin Board System). Clients connect to a specified server which is part of a collection of servers known as an IRC network. If a client is to send a message to a user on a different server within the same IRC network, the message is relayed between the servers and then to.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an open protocol that allows users with an IRC client to exchange text messages in real time over the Internet. Created by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988, IRC was one of the first chat systems to allow more than two participants to join in a discussion If you had a Wikimedia-branded cloak on Freenode, it will not transfer to Libera.Chat and you will need to obtain a new cloak. Type /msg wmopbot cloak (without any preceding spaces) into any IRC window. You will then be sent a private message with instructions on how to get your cloak. The cloak will not be applied instantly; please be patient 513606. This is the Full Install of the IceChat 7 IRC Client, Version 7.80. Released on December 15, 2014. Includes Windows 8 fixes. IceChat can connect to many IRC Servers, has full scripting support and customizable popup menus and a unique, easy to use Interface A good example of a chat on IRC is the Computer Hope chat. What is a chat room? A chat room is a location where multiple people can all talk at the same time. When in a chat room anything said is seen by all people participating in the chat room. To send a message to only one person in a chat room a PM (private message) or DM (direct message) can be sent. Chat etiquette. Below is a short list.

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2015 International Residential Code and Commentary, Volume 2 (IRC) (Update Version: Jul 2017) 2015 Complete Revision History to the 2015 I-Codes - IRC: Successful Changes and Public Comment For advanced IRC users and developers who already know their way around a programming language, this is a great option. You can use pretty much any language you want as long as it has socket support, but popular ones to use include Python, Lua, PHP, C, and Perl. If you don't know any of these but you do know another language, that's not a problem. You can usually find examples on the web in.

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Gitter is available in all modern browsers as well as apps for desktops. Mac Windows Linux 32 Linux 64. The above Mac installer is a signed version of 1.177 (backed by Safari). For an unsigned 5.0.1 installer (backed by NW.js ), click here to download. Mac users on 10.9 or lower, download here . We also have a sweet little IRC bridge When the congestion router is far away from the source the ICMP will send hop by hop source quench message so that every router will reduce the speed of transmission. Parameter problem : Whenever packets come to the router then the calculated header checksum should be equal to the received header checksum then the only the packet is accepted by the router. If there is a mismatch packet will be.

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If you've been on IRC for a while you've probably encountered somebody you don't know sending you private messages. It can be quite distracting if not annoying. Luckily you can easily block private messages. There are three so called user modes you can set to block private messages (setting user mode R is a sane default): c: blocks private messages from users that don't share a channel with. Different types of Computer Worms are: • Email Worms: Email Worms spread through infected email messages as an attachment or a link of an infected website. • Instant Messaging Worms: Instant Messaging Worms spread by sending links to the contact list of instant messaging applications. • Internet Worms: Internet worm will scan all. Nettalk. Nettalk is a powerful but easy to use free (open source) IRC-client for Windows. The smart user interface is based on Windows standards, so it is easy to get used to it. The following languages for the interface are available: English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and German * Extended mIRC type color support * Nick Complete based on character * HW Acceleration * CTCP cloaking * Outbound message splitting * Added asay and ame commands * Added znc.in/self-message support * Adjusted timeout logic * Adjustable server ping delay * Actions trigger notifications * mIrc color fix * Chrome OS fix * Additional chanmode support * Bug fixes. Read more. Collapse. Additional.

luk3yx's lightweight™ IRC and Discord bot (excluding commands). Official bot. If you can't or don't want to run your own bot, you can request that the official bot be added to your channel. The official bot is on a few IRC networks, most notably Libera Chat and xeroxIRC. PM luk3yx there if you want the bot on an IRC channel you own. Note that this IRC bot is running Sopel and not lurklite. Learn the most common types of network protocols and how they work in a computer network. When users access e-mail messages via IMAP4, they have the option to view just the message header, including its title and the sender's name, before downloading the body of the message. Users can create, change, or delete folders on the server, as well as search for messages and delete them from the. Phishing Type: Description: Deceptive Phishing: Most common type, using an email headline with a sense of urgency from a known contact. This attack blends legitimate links with malicious code. IRC. Developed in August 1988, by Jarkko Oikarinen, IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. It is a popular chat service still in use today. IRC enables users to connect to a server using a software program or web service and communicate with each other live. For example, the Computer Hope chat room uses an IRC server to allow its users to talk.